Wafer Sheets


Wafer paper for Prints


1 แผ่น 10 แผ่น 100 แผ่น



Ingredients : Potatocornstarch,water and vegetable oil

Made in Holland Expressly For Bakery Craft USA.



Wafer paper:

- Made of potato starch and vegetable oil
- Thin and sturdy
- Can be cut with anything from scissors to a die cut machine
- No paper backing needed 
- Measures 8 inches x 11 inches 
- Takes edible color well
- Uses less edible ink to print image
- Colors do not fade once printed
- Does not require are tight storage
- Applied to a DRY cookie topped with Royal Icing or Cookie Glaze
- Has a slightly off white color
- Slightly translucent but does not seem to be an issue on colored icing
- Can be cut out and used as stand alone cupcake toppers

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