Truffle Shells 504 pcs


Especially for confectioners, we offer a special range of truffle shells, ideal for making round truffles. They offer the perfect convenience: fill them with a ganache, caramel or filling of your choice and enrobe or close with tempered chocolate.


Dark Chocolate 504 pcs Milk Chocolate 504 pcs White Chocolate 504 pcs




Diameter : ⌀25mm

Dark Shells  56.1% Cocoa Solids - made of 100% dark chocolate

Milk Shells 30.8% Cocoa Solids - made of Callebaut®'s caramelly and creamy milk chocolate 

White Shells 30% Cocoa Solids - made of Callebaut®’s creamy white chocolate with a pronounced milky taste 

Truffle Shells Dark are just great for creating your perfect truffles.

The shells have a lovely snap and intense taste to delight your customers.

They have an accommodating opening so you can easily fill them with any fluid ganache, praline or cream filling. You can give them the finishing touch you're after. Just dip your Truffle Shells Dark in tempered chocolate and then roll them in cocoa powder, Chocolate Shavings, Chocolate Blossoms, Crispearls™, Chocolate Flakes or Vermicelli.
Truffle Shells invite you to let your creativity run wild, and play with looks, textures and colours.

Certifications: Sustainable cocoa , NK , Halal





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