VALRHONA ANDAO NOIRE 70% - Dark Chocolate


(PURE ORIGIN GRAND CRU) -Pure peru Citrus & Intense bitterness Andao Noire opens with forcrful fresh noted and a powerful bitter flavor that develops and takes on diffenrent nuances in the mouth.


แบ่งบรรจุ 100 g. แบ่งบรรจุ 250 g. แบ่งบรรจุ 500 g. แบ่งบรรจุ 1 kg. Valrhona Original Package Valrhona 3kg



Andoa Noire with 70% cocoa content is the nuanced freshness. The organic couverture initially offers a lot of freshness and a strong, extraordinary taste, which develops and changes on the palate.

The fair-trade Andoa Noire combines well in all patisserie applications with strong aromas of citrus fruit peel, exotic fruits, fruity pepper varieties and earthy tones of fir honey and chestnuts.

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