HAZELNUT PRALINÉ Caramelized Nutty A hazelnut praliné with low sweetness and notes of soft caramel. Uses : Pastry - Chocolate Filling - Ice creams


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Valrhona Hazelnut Praline - 60%
Hazelnut Valrhona praline paste has sweet vanilla and caramel flavors with strong notes of almond and hazelnut. With 60% nut content, it is no wonder the rich earthy flavors of almond and hazelnut come through so strongly.

Valrhona uses only the best ingredients in its products, sourcing Valencia Almonds from Spain and Roman Hazelnuts from Italy for its praline paste. During production, strong tastes are achieved through long nut roasting times and extended caramel cooking times.

Though many professional chefs reach for pecan pralines, consider substituting Hazelnut Valrhona Praline Paste in your next recipe. It can be used in ice cream, cake, chocolates, marbling, and pastry fillings.

Pairs well with amaretto, vanilla, chocolate, coffee, caramel, and other nut flavors.

Valrhona praline paste is kosher, and made in France using sustainable sourced products. 

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