Luster Dust : RED 4g


Luster Dust finishes your project with a bright sheen and glittery metallic look. Luster Dust contains only ingredients that are non-toxic and are ideal for use with gum paste or rolled fondant. Intended for use in the dry form, Luster Dust can also be mixed with oil-based flavorings or alcohol for painting and highlighting.



  • Luster Dust can simply be beushed onto Molded Candies ,Molded Chocolate ,Fondant and Gumpaste with a dry brush 


Easy to use, just brush onto your decoration with a soft artist brush.

ใช้ปัดแบบbrush on หรือผสมวอดก้า ห้ามผสมน้ำเด็ดขาด

  • ในกรณีที่อยากให้สีมีความเด่นชัดมากๆ ควรผสมกับแอลกอฮอล์
  • แนะนำควรใช้วอดก้า  หรือ alcohol-based extract such as  clear vanilla, lemon juice
  • It only takes a small amount of liquid, start a feq drops and mix until you get a consistency you like
  • Do not mix the luster dust with water ,as the majority are not water-soluble and will result in a sticky mess

Mix  with a few drops of alcohol such as vanilla extract, lemon extract, or vodka. 

If you add to much liquid,
your icing will dissolve when you try to apply it.

If you add too little, your paint will be chunky. 

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