Silikomart Professional GEM 30 Silicone Mould


ขนาด 40 x 40 x 23 mm / จำนวน 15 Cavity / ปริมาณต่อชิ้น 30 ml /Made in Italy


Illuminate your shop window displaying precious creations with a perfect cut. GEM30 by Silikomart Professional is a mould made up of 15 cavities by 30 ml each, characterized by a unique design thanks to their special and innovative border placed in the upper part of each cavity which gives a particular rounded shape to the base of preparations. Classicism and modernity are matched in GEM30, realizing precious and shiny preparations.


Size:40 x 40 h 23 mm
Volume:30 ml x 15 Tot. 450 ml
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