A deeper version of our ever popular 6 cell rose mould.

Popular for crafters making soaps and bath bombs, this makes a soap with a bar weight of 125g

Overall Mould Size : 295mm x 175mm x 37mm

Individual cell size : 70mm diameter  x 36mm deep
Soap Weight (made from melt and pour) = 125g
Liquid volume = 125mls

Our silicone baking moulds / soap moulds are all made from good quality, food grade silicone - so if you prefer to use them for culinary usage rather than crafts, it is entirely possible to do so.

This silicone bakeware mould is suitable for use between -230deg C > -40deg C

These moulds are very flexible and need to be used on a baking tray for support.

Flexible - fold it or roll it !
Non Stick
Wipe clean - or wash in dishwasher or soapy water.
Dishwasher, Microwave, Oven and Freezer Safe
Does not absorb smells or taste 
Heat temperature tested from +260degC to -60degC
FDA and CE approved

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