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T55 French Wheat Flour แป้ง T55



1 kg : แบ่งบรรจุ 1 Bag 25kg



Ingredients :
Wheat Flour , Wheat Gluten, Enzymes, Flour treatment agent : ascorbic acid
The 55 refers to the amount of mineral content that is left after burning the flour i.e. T55 has about 0.55% mineral content.

Type T55 is ideal for making bread, puff pastries, croissants and baguettes.

This type of flour is best known for making croissants.
This Flour gives a light open textured loaf with a crisp crust.
It is medium in protein content, and when this protein is mixed with water it forms gluten.

Traditional French bread is made with only flour, yeast and water. That’s the reason why good quality flour is a must.

for baking, including puff pastries (“pâte feuilletée”)


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