Premium Chef Bourbon Vanilla Extract with Seeds , Vanilla Expert


** เป็นExtract ที่ผสมเมล็ดวานิลลาล้วน ไม่แต่งกลิ่นสังเคราะห์ ให้ความหอมเต็มๆจากฝักวานิลามาดากัสการ์ ใกล้เคียงธรรมชาติ นำเข้าจากฝรั่งเศส ** Made in France


Original Package 1 ลิตร แบ่งบรรจุ 50 ml แบ่งบรรจุ 100 ml สำหรับคนทำไม่บ่อย/ใช้น้อย : แบ่งบรรจุ 20g


Premium Chef is all the trades and products around Vanilla. We master all of the manufacturing steps to make extracts, vanilla paste, powder, natural flavoring and other products between our two sites in Madagascar (first processing) and Chennevières, France (finishing and packaging).

A life devoted to sweet and savory gastronomy

Pierre de Chalais, July 8, 2020

Pierre de Chalais discovered Madagascar, the island of Vanilla, a dozen years ago. After many trips to Madagascar, he will forge links with the entire Vanilla sector of this island in the Indian Ocean. Together with two other partners, the three of them combine nearly 90 years of experience in Vanilla . Today, under the aegis of Premium Chef and through its Vanilles Expert division , a whole team is committed daily to an exceptional sector. Producers, collectors, preparers work together to enhance the fruit of this orchid.


The teams worked more particularly on the Vanilla refining process. Objective: to optimize and guarantee a unique aromatic consistency, a strong aromatic signature, highly prized by professionals.


Premium Chef-Vanille Expert also strives to contribute to the stability of the sector by supporting associations and local actors
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