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นมผงฮอคไกโด - Yotsuba Hokkaido whole milk powder


นมผงฮอกไกโด แบบเต็มมันเนย (Yotsuba Hokkaido whole milk powder) นำเข้าจากญี่ปุ่น เหมาะสำหรับทำขนมปัง เบเกอรี่ หรือชงดื่ม ผลิตจากนมวัวฮอกไกโด 100% ให้กลิ่นหอมละมุน ไม่ฉุน ไม่คาว หากใช้แทน skim milk ในการทำขนมปัง จะช่วยทำให้ขนมปังนุ่มขึ้น กลิ่นหอมนมชัดขึ้น


แบ่งบรรจุ : 50g แบ่งบรรจุ : 100g แบ่งบรรจุ : 250g แบ่งบรรจุ : 500g Original Package 700g


Product description

It is a full-fat milk powder  from Yotsuba Dairy Industry.

A dairy product with a rich milk flavor that is concentrated and dried using only Hokkaido-produced milk as a raw material. Almost all water is removed from Hokkaido milk, which contains 25% or more of milk fat, and it is powdered.

The composition ratio of "Yotsuba Hokkaido whole milk powder" is almost the same as that of milk, and it can be widely used for confectionery, bread making, cooking, etc.

By using it as a bread-making material instead of skim milk powder, the milk flavor will be enriched and a soft texture will be obtained. When using instead of milk, please use at a ratio of 15g of "Yotsuba Hokkaido whole milk powder" to 100ml of water.

Milk had to be boiled for a long time to enhance its milk flavor. You can easily enhance the milk flavor by adding "Yotsuba Hokkaido whole milk powder" to the milk.

Milk fat content: 25.0% or more, milk solid content: 95.0% or more

■ Ingredients (Nutrition Facts (per 100 g))
Energy: 494Kcal
Protein: 27.1 g
Lipid: 25.5 g
Carbohydrate: 38.9 g
sodium chloride equivalent: 0.9 g
Calcium: 940 mg
(This label is a guide.)

Storage method: Store at room temperature away from high temperature and humidity and direct sunlight.

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